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Friends of the Choir

Thank you to the people who continue to make it all possible!

The Lakes Christian Centre - Windermere - supports the choir at local events and is the venue for choir rehearsals on a Monday evening throughout term time.

Mr Robert Berry - a local executive photographer - donates his time to photograph the choir at concerts and events, and has provided photographs for publicity material and the website. His work also includes a presentation which showcases the choir to interested parties.

The Creative Branch - a local design company based in Kendal - supports the choir with print and website design and development. They give many hours of their time and the use of their web servers.

English Lakes Hotels - give their ongoing support to the choir at local events, both financially and in the lending of equipment and hospitality services for fundraising events. - the national trailer company - kindly donated 1/3rd of the cost of our touring trailer.

The Choir is also supported by local charities, and a local Christian trust who made donations towards equipment.

Our Volunteers

The choir itself is run by a dedicated group of highly skilled and motivated choir members, for whom we are most grateful.

Other choir members, who run their own businesses, support the choir with their resources, time, talents and money. For example: office space, I.T. equipment, transportation, administration, pastors, solicitors, builders and musicians - to name but a few!

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Notice Board

  • Would you like to be a friend of the Lakes Gospel Choir?

    The ministry and impact of the choir requires prayer, finance and the kind support of volunteers and local businesses.

    Partnering with the choir, or by giving a one-off donation or monthly payment will help to support work that touches the lives of many.

    Find out how you can support the choir both now and in the future.